5 Star Safety
for peace of mind

Passive and active safety features, like a comprehensive airbag system, seatbelt pre-tensioners, Lane Keep Assist and Autonomous emergency braking. 

Rear view camera and display

With clear sight of any obstructions via the LCD screen, parking and reversing are both safe and easy.

Electronic Stability Control

For directional stability in severe skids. It’s ESC technology that controls your wheels’ brake force pressure and engine power.

Blind Spot Detection

Sensors monitor vehicles in or approaching your blind spots. Visual alerts are provided on the outside mirrors and cluster, while an audio alert is sounded when indicating if necessary.

Lane Keep Assist

The system detects the lane you’re in and informs the driver with a visual cue and warning sound when the vehicle begins to drift outside of its lane, without the driver indicating. The vehicle will also help you stay in the lane if you begin to deviate from the lane you're in. 

Forward Collision Warning System

To help keep you at a safe driving distance from the vehicle in front, an alarm sounds if it estimates that you are too close.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When backing out of a parking space, a sensor detects and alerts you to vehicles approaching from the left or right.

Enhanced ergonomics for maximum control

Featuring convenient steering wheel controls and high-end sound quality, the audio system will make those long journeys all the more enjoyable.

Smart key with push button start

No more searching for the key. You can also lock or unlock the new Cerato's doors by simply pressing the button on the door handle.

Heated seats

3-way heated front leather seats keeping you cozy and warm on those cold days. 


Plug in your favourite mobile storage device for crystal clear, full-bodied sound reproduction through the Cerato's sound system.

Smart cruise control

The smart cruise control will maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front by automatically adjusting driving speed when needed. The system will bring the vehicle to a complete stop and will get back up to speed once the way is clear.

8" touch screen audio

Large colour TFT-LCD display for stunning visibility, easy use, rearview camera display and high-end audio touch controls.

Steering wheel audio remote control

Take control of music devices without removing your hands from the steering wheel.