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Covid-19 Update

By Kia New Zealand Feb 1st 2022

Covid-19 Update

Update from Kia New Zealand Ltd.

All Kia dealerships throughout New Zealand are open under the Red traffic light setting, for vehicle sales, servicing, parts and Kia Finance. Public health measures including mask use, physical distancing, and increased cleaning of surfaces, vehicles and work areas are in place to ensure everyone's safety.

If you need to contact your local Kia dealer, you can find their details here.

Alternatively, you can contact Kia New Zealand support staff at info@kia.co.nz 

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Delays for certain models

Certain models of Kia vehicles may be experiencing longer than normal delivery lead times due to the worldwide shortage of semi-conductor components. Your Kia dealer can advise you of the expected lead time for your specific vehicle. 

Kia NZ would like to remind new vehicle buyers that a rebate or a fee may apply to your new vehicle purchase as part of the NZ Govt Clean Car Standard. If you would like to contact us please click here