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Kia EV & PHEV range delivers savings for new owners

By Kia New Zealand Jun 17th 2021

Kia EV & PHEV range delivers savings for new owners

Kia New Zealand has announced the arrival of a variety of new low-emissions models, to add to the existing range of EV and PHEV vehicles already on offer from the marque.

“Kia has made no secret of our aspirations to introduce attainable no-and-low emission motoring to Kiwi customers,” said Managing Director of Kia New Zealand, Todd McDonald.

“The introduction of the Clean Car rebate is a strategy which is very complementary to Kia’s own vision for the future, as we are in the process of expanding our range of EV, PHEV and low-emission Hybrid-Electric vehicles.

“To satisfy immediate demand and to help customers make the change to plug-in motoring, we have accelerated the launch of new Kia PHEV models.”

The additions to the portfolio include the Niro LX PHEV and Niro LX Plus PHEV.

The new Niro LX is the most affordable Kia PHEV and is available from $55,990 plus on-road costs, which reduces to $50,240 plus on-road costs with the Clean Car rebate.

The LX Plus, fitted with slightly more specification, is available from $57,990 plus on-road costs and reduces to $52,240 plus on-road costs with application of the rebate.

“These new PHEV models offer the best of both worlds, delivering an all-electric range of up to 55km and carbon emissions of only 29gCO2/km when using the petrol engine,” said Mr McDonald.

“The Niro PHEV is perfect for city commutes and urban driving in EV mode, then extended trips on the weekend without needing to plan a route based around charge points.”

Five-star safety, five-year roadside assistance, five-year/ 100,000km warranty and seven-year/160,000km battery warranty add to all-round peace of mind motoring.

Headlining the new portfolio of Kia EV models, and shaping to be one of the most eagerly anticipated launches of 2021, is the all-new Kia EV6.

“As confirmed earlier this year, the stunning, fully-electric Kia EV6 will feature supercar performance, extra-long range, ultra-fast charging ability - and is coming to New Zealand,” said Mr McDonald.

“It will be a flagship model for the new wave of EV’s from the marque and is the first of 11 new Kia electric vehicle models to launch by 2026.

“In the meantime, we have a good supply of the remarkable Kia Niro EX electric vehicle.  It offers a range of up to 455km, which is a significant advantage over its competitors, and after rebate it is available from less than $70,000 plus on-road costs.

“We have also introduced a slight price reduction on the higher-specification Niro SX EV, making it an even more attractive proposition.”

For those who desire a vehicle with impressively low emissions, but aren’t quite ready to make the switch to plug-in motoring, Kia offers a range of hybrid alternatives starting from only $40,990 plus on-road costs for the Niro LX.

“The fuel-savings realised by these new PHEV and EV models, coupled with the Clean Car rebate, means there are a significant number of positives associated with joining the eco-car revolution,” said Mr McDonald.

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