Keeping you and your family safe and sound

Strong from the inside out, the new Kia Carnival features trusted active and passive technology to help protect you and your passengers.

Advanced high strength steel

The Carnival uses more than 52% advanced high strength steel, reinforcing the front, rear and sides, as well as high stress points throughout the body.

Six airbags

The Carnival offers the driver and front passenger dual front and side airbags, plus two side-curtain airbags to help protect all occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision.

Reversing camera

Be fully aware of what's behind you by using the full-colour, high definition rear view camera as your trusted guide.

Front & rear parking sensors

Front and rear ultrasonic parking sensors warn you about obstacles in front and behind your vehicle to help avoid any accidents.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When backing out of a parking spot or driveway, the system warns the driver if it detects any cross traffic in the direction the vehicle is heading.

Forward Collision Warning System

To help keep you at a safe driving distance from the vehicle in front, an alarm sounds if it senses you're too close.

Optimum comfort 
and flexibility

 Intelligent and responsive, the new Carnival is loaded with cutting-edge innovations to help keep you in comfort and control. It's intuitive technology at your fingertips.

8 seat layout

All Carnival models feature eight seats, giving you numerous seating and cargo combinations for a perfect balance of passenger comfort and practicality.

Three-zone climate control

The driver, front passenger and passengers in the rear can each adjust their own personal temperature settings, while the system automatically maintains the desired climate.

7 seat layout

By taking out the middle, second-row seat you can make the Carnival a 7-seater and improve the access to the third-row of seats. 

5 seat layout

The third-row of seats can fold down into the floor cavity to provide a nearly flat cargo area of 2,220L (SAE).

4 seat layout

With the third-row of seats folded down the middle, second-row seat can also be removed to improve the comfort and provide even more cargo space.

2 seat layout

For even more cargo space the second-row can be folded forward to give you up to 4,022L (SAE) of space on a nearly flat floor. 

The next level people mover

Showcasing a refreshed design and new smart features, the Kia Carnival is raising the benchmark again. With its all-around styling and innovation, picking up the kids and grabbing groceries has never looked, or felt, better

Positioning lamps

LED positioning lights illuminate with supreme effectiveness while adding to the Carnival's stunning exterior styling.

Escort & welcome lights

Headlights and tailgates stay illuminated for 30 seconds when you get out of the car before switching off automatically, while your smart key illuminates door handle pockets and unfolds the power mirrors on approach.

LED side indicators & auto-folding mirrors

For added protection in tight parking spaces, the exterior side mirrors fold away automatically. They're also heated to defog quickly.

Fog lights

"Ice Cube" LED fog lamps provide a bright look when visibility is reduced.

Tiger-nose grille

The black and chrome tiger-nose grille sets the New Carnival apart from the very beginning

Rear LED lights

The LED rear brake lights help improve visibility on the road and adds to the stylish look of the Carnival.

Intelligent and responsive.

The New Carnival is loaded with cutting-edge innovations to help keep you in comfort and control. It's intuitive technology at your fingertips.

Advanced Smart Cruise Control

ASCC uses a radar sensor at the front of the vehicle to monitor the distance between you and the vehicle ahead. The system preserves a pre-determined safe distance by applying brakes, and even stopping the car if necessary until the vehicle ahead proceeds.

High Beam Assist

Automatically turns high beam on and off when it senses oncoming headlights.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphone, allowing you to answer and end calls hands-free and play music from your favourite playlist. 

JBL Premium Sound System

With 8 speakers, perfectly integrated into the interior, you’ll have the best seats in the house, no matter what seat you choose. Available in Premium