Advanced protection

EV9 utilises our most advanced engineering design and technology to optimise safety for all conditions. Featuring an enormously strong steel chassis, in-cabin protection from nine airbags and numerous additional features facilitated by our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Collision Avoidance technology

Forward Collision-avoidance Assist Monitors the surroundings while driving. The system will brake the car automatically if the vehicle in front stops abruptly, or if there is a risk of colliding with a car, pedestrian, or cyclist.

Dynamic torque vectoring

Dynamic torque vectoring enhances safety by precisely distributing power to individual wheels. This optimises traction and stability, especially in challenging conditions like wet or slippery surfaces.

Smart Cruise Control

Smart Cruise Control uses radar sensors and a camera to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle directly ahead. While a trio of anti-collision systems constantly scans for pedestrians and oncoming vehicles at intersections.

Stay in your lane

Lane Assist systems work to detect road markings along with other vehicles on the road, and then assist in keeping the vehicle centred on the road.

Reverse in safety

Rear Cross-traffic Collision-avoidance Assist alerts the driver if a car is approaching from the left or right while pulling out in reverse. It helps to brake the car automatically if the risk of colliding increases even after sounding an alarm.

Step Inside the Future

Enjoy innovative seating, cutting-edge digital displays, and a spacious design that redefines what an SUV can offer. Whether you're in the driver's seat or relaxing in the second or third row, EV9 represents a new standard in automotive comfort and design.

Spacious is an understatement

You’ll enjoy 312L of boot space with all seats up. Or a whopping 2,318l space with all seats folded down. There’s also plenty of storage throughout the interior, including a spacious centre compartment.

Wide screen delight

The digital cockpit is a technological marvel. Anchored by dual 12.3-inch touchscreens and a 5-inch segment display, it provides a seamless and intuitive interface for controlling the vehicle's functions.

Enhanced ambient lighting

LED mood lighting adds a touch of ambiance to the interior. With various lighting options, including speed-linked and car camping modes. These contribute to a more unique and enjoyable driving experience.

Seven seater by design

Enjoy maximum versatility alongside seating for up to seven passengers. All models feature multi folding second and third row seats, while the GT-Line includes relaxation seats for the driver and passenger.

Sustainable interior choices

Eco-friendly materials are used throughout the premium feel interior. Seats use a leather alternative made from Bio-Polyurethane. Recycled plastics feature in interior garnishes, and fabric and carpets are crafted from recycled PET and fishing nets.

It’s a trunk in the front

Enjoy even more space for luggage with a front trunk or ‘frunk’. This features 90-litres of space on rear-wheel-drive models and 52 litres on all-wheel-drive models.

Full size. Fully electric

EV9 is a bold statement. Confident lines seamlessly blend rugged SUV elements with sophisticated EV styling. We’ve reimagined the aesthetics of electric SUVs for the future.

Confident looks

EV9 embodies the rugged yet sophisticated appearance of a flagship SUV. The boxy, triangular design language, emphasises the tension of its short overhangs, and long 3100mm wheelbase.

Refinement from front to back

At the rear, Star Map taillights draw attention to the corners of the EV9’s body. While a clean and refined tailgate connects with the shoulder line’s sleek edge. Together it creates a striking and elegant presence that is unique to a large SUV.

Flush fit door handles

Standard flush door handles with automatic deployment are seamlessly integrated into the sheet metal, underscoring EV9’s clean side profile.

Digital wing mirrors

The GT-Line’s digital camera based wing mirrors expand the driver’s field of vision, increasing both safety and convenience. Please check with your Kia dealer for availability.
* Please check with your Kia dealer for availability

Electric-Global Modular Platform

Under pinning EV9 is a long wheel base chassis made possible by the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). The result is a cabin with generous space for all occupants to relax with lounge-style comfort.

Three striking wheel options

EV9 offers the option of 19- or 20-inch lightweight aluminium wheels, while the GT line  is available in striking 21-inch wheels.

The complete package

Experience cutting-edge technology. From an innovative electric powertrain to advanced driver-assistance features and intuitive connectivity, EV9 sets a new standard for high-tech mobility.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard equipment, you’ll always be able to play your favourite song. While the GT-Line will delight audiophiles with a premium 14 Speaker Meridian® Audio System.

Fingerprint security as standard

Embrace a more secure and convenient future with fingerprint recognition technology. Not only does it enhance security but also provides a novel way to start your journey. Please check with your Kia dealer for availability.
* Please check with your Kia dealer for availability

Head-up Display

A large, high-definition head-up display (HUD) allows you to monitor key driving information from the cluster and navigation without ever having to take your eyes off the road.

Smart Power Tailgate

When you have your hands full, simply stand behind your parked EV9 for 3 seconds with the key close by. The tailgate will sense your presence and open automatically.

Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)

When you need a little extra power, the optional Vehicle-To-Load (V2L) adapter allows you extra power to charge an e-bike, run a fridge, or even work truly remotely! EV9 can be your portable energy source.

Stay charged up

With wireless charging, multiple USB ports and 12v outlets, there’s more than enough power to keep a family of gadget lovers all charged up.

The power to roam

Performance and innovation come together seamlessly in the all new EV9. From swift acceleration, to advanced battery technology and quick charging capabilities, this electric SUV is designed for the future.

Two battery options

A 76.1kWh battery is offered with the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) ‘Standard range’ model. While a larger 99.8kWh battery is fitted to both all-wheel drive (AWD) ‘Long Range’ versions.

Ultra-Fast Charging

With Ultra Fast Charging it takes as little as 20 minutes to go from 10 to 80% charge on the 76.1kWh battery and 24 minutes on the 99.8kWh battery.

^Charge time with 350kW DC ultra-fast charger. Actual charge will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits, vehicle maintenance, charging practice, battery age, weather, temperature and your vehicle’s condition.

Slip through the air

Despite its bold and boxy shape, the EV9 boasts a drag coefficient of 0.28, on par with other luxury SUV EVs.

Full size and full speed

With their twin 141kW electric motors generating a combined 700Nm of torque, the all-wheel drive versions of EV9 will hit 0-100kmh in just 6.0 seconds.

Global design, local knowledge

In order to provide the best ride and comfort, EV9 features a unique handling tune for the New Zealand and Australian markets.

Terrain mode

Located on the steering wheel, the Terrain Mode button offers mud, sand, and snow settings, which optimise powertrain control and torque distribution for enhanced traction and stability during challenging driving conditions.

AWD Models only